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28 August, 2001

Antarctic and Arctic Learning Trunks

Elissa Elliott, in collaboration with Betty Trummel and Hillary Tulley, received a grant from the Toshiba America Foundation to compile a collection of polar resources - the Antarctic and Arctic Learning Trunks. Elissa is making these exciting resources available to you and your classrooms!

The information that follows, and future information about the trunks, will be maintained at:

../teainfo/trunks.html (link active week

of Sept. 3)


For TEA parcticipants and TEA Associates

Funded by the Toshiba America Foundation

Have you ever wanted to study the polar regions in your classroom, but you've felt that you don't have any or enough materials to do so? Well, worry no more. These learning trunks are designed with you in mind. Each of the learning trunks includes: books, videos, maps, posters, and other hands-on manipulatives for the study of the Antarctic or the Arctic.

To reserve a trunk, you must agree to the following:

1. You and your students must follow one of the teachers in the field-either Arctic or Antarctic-while using the trunk. This can be in the form of copying off his/her daily pictures and journals and presenting them to the class. Or it may mean that you use your internet access to e-mail the teacher-scientist with questions or comments regarding his/her trip.

2. You must pay the cost of shipping TO and FROM your school. The Arctic trunks cost anywhere from $40-$50 ONE-WAY (weight = 73 lbs). The Antarctic trunks cost anywhere from $52-$60 ONE-WAY (weight = 93 lbs). You must insure the trunk for $1500 (which is included in the estimates above).

To reserve a trunk, please e-mail one of the following contact people:


Susan Klinkhammer

Corvallis, OR


Kathie Stevens

Knoxville, TN



(August - May)


Fred Atwood

Oakton, VA


Kolene Krysl

Bellevue, NE


And if you are having problems contacting these people, then please e-mail Elissa Elliott at bruingirl91@hotmail.com.

Contact the TEA in the field at .
If you cannot connect through your browser, copy the TEA's e-mail address in the "To:" line of your favorite e-mail package.