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25 September, 2001

Sun Shadows Project

Via Guy Guthridge, at NSF's Office of Polar Programs:

Gary Smith, a fifth grade teacher in Reading, Pennsylvania is putting together a science lesson that focuses on noon-time shadow measurements from various latitudes. Gary contacted OPP to see if he could generate interest in collecting measurements from some of the Antarctic Stations (they are trying, in spite of the weather!).

Parcticipation can occur at a variety of levels, including: 1) collecting noon-time shadow measurements of a 1 meter high object at your school location (or other locations!) during solstices and equinoxes and e-mailing the information to his class for inclusion on his Web page; and/or 2) using the data / lessons in your class.

If you are interested in parcticipating in the data collection please send an e-mail to Gary at: smithg@readingsd.org.

Check out the lesson plans and data at the Sun Shadows Project Web site: http://mrsmith.htmlplanet.com/sun.htm

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