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14 December, 2001

Today was the 90th anniversary of Amundsen being the first person to set foot at the South Pole. To celebrate the occasion, there were two ceramonies. The first ceramony began at noon with the removal of the Norwegian flag from the Ceramonial South Pole to the Geographic South Pole. This flag relocation ceramony was also accompanied with readings about Amundsen.

At midnight, the second ceramony took place. All of the people in attendance had their picture taken at the Geographic South Pole with the Norwegian flag waving in the background. The flag was then removed, replaced with a new one, and transported back to its original position at the Ceramonial South Pole. The tranportation of the flag was conducted by a person of Norwegian descent. He recalled that his father was 15 years old when Amundsen finally won the race to the South Pole.

The flag that was removed will be transported back to the National Science Foundation in Washington DC. It will then be determined how to present it to the government of Norway. In addition to presenting them with the flag, they will also receive the photo of all in attendance with our signatures. The materials will most likely end up in a museum in Norway to highlight their accomplishments of polar exploration.

Biological Data

Saturated Oxygen: 94%

Pulse Rate: 85

Weather Data:

Temperature: -29.9 F

Wind Chill: -59.3 F

The Norwegian flag waving in the wind at the midnight ceramony.

Folding the Norwegian flag for transportation back to the National Science Foundation.

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