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21 December, 2001

Today is my last hope for departing Antarctica in time to return home for the holidays. Regardless of whether the flight becomes a reality, my work in Antarctica has drawn to a conclusion. The next segment of my TEA experience will be presenting my experience and the research to the public back home.

With nothing more to do than wait, I find myself reflecting upon Antarctic. It has been a long strange trip. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and love looking at the amazing Antarctic scenary around McMurdo Sound.

Traveling to Antarctica fulfilled a personal goal of visting all seven continents. As I gaze northward, over the frozen ocean, I wonder where my feet will bring me next. Our planet is a large wonderful place that would take more than one life time to explore. There are so many countries, cultures, and experiences shape my thoughts. I only hope that we can care for our planet long enough for everyone to enjoy...including the future.

I have been fortunate enough to see a lot of the world, but there is one last great experience I have yet to realize. The moment I set foot off of Antarctica, I plan on embarking on that journey. However, this next experience I cannot do alone. Only a favorable answer to a question I will ask upon returning home will make it a reality.

Until then, I think about the future and wait...

Jason and Jerry on the Pegasus ice runway.

Penguins crossing the road to the Pegasus ice runway.

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