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7 August, 2000

First Day of Orientation

After an interesting flight from South America and an outrageous delay in Newark, I have finally arrived at the U.S. Army's Cold Regions Research & Engineering Laboratory (CRREL) in New Hampshire. The morning was spent meeting other program parcticipants, who are from all corners of the United States, and learning about the basic logistics of working in Polar Regions.

Four past parcticipants (Hillary Tulley, Cathi Koehler, Tim Conner, and Joanna Hubbard) gave presentations about their experiences. Each discussion was unique and offered insight into some of the things that would not normally be discussed in a public settings...such as going to the bathroom in a deep field camp when the temperature is -50 Celsius. The last area that we received training on was safety and survival. Due to the remoteness of the continent and the lack of medical facilities, the United States Antarctica Program (USAP) requires a well through out safety plan. This aspect of working in Antarctica must be taken very seriously because the closest major medical facility is a five to ten hour plane ride to New Zealand.

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