14 January, 1997

>1/14/97   7:21 Finally, we have some sunshine.
>McMurdo reached me by radio this morning to tell me that the disks I was
>sending were not saving in the format for delivery.  That means Jon and I
>will have to figure out what is wrong.  It also means that I won't have
>time to write much about today and yesterday.
>We got helicopter support yesterday and were able to go to the Don Juan
>Pond area.  The helicopter left us at a flat spot near the top of a nearby
>mountain.  Our plan was to go down the mountain and collect samples.  After
>a while of walking and looking we found the there was only one way down,
>and that was a very steep scree (loose rock) slope.  It is never pleasant
>walking on this stuff, espcecially with a pack filled with rock.
>We also had a National Geographic photographer with us to take photos.
>After struggling for hours down the slope, collecting as we went along, we
>finally made it to Don Juan Pond---but no helicopter was there.  It was
>cold and a bit windy so we had to exercise our tired backs some more.
>Finally, two hours later, we got a ride back to camp.  On our way back the
>pilot was a little worried about the clouds ahead of us, he thought we
>might have to go back to McMurdo and stay there.  I definitely did not want
>to go back to civiization yet.
>Today started out well, but the helicopter ran into some bad weather and
>had to take us to Vanda Lake, in Victoria Valley.  Our collecting there was
>much more difficult than the day before.  With only Bruce, Mike, Jon, and I
>carrying all but one or two rocks you can imagine how heavy our packs were.
>But everyday is worth the struggle.  The scenery around us just never quits.
>I want to apologize to anyone who has sent questions or comments.  I still
>have not received any disks from McMurdo.

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