22 January, 1997

>Pulled out today.  Jon, Mike and Zach left at 11:00.  Bruce and I waited
>for a Kiwi (New Zealand) helicopter to come pick us up.  The Kiwi crews are
>known for their skill and daring in flight.  They are also able to carry a
>lot more cargo because they have different regulations.  Also, the Kiwi
>pilots are a lot of fun, they seem more like the swashbuckling types than
>the American pilots.
>The nicest things about McMurdo today were the showers, the warm rooms, and
>food that tastes better than gorp (actually, it's pretty good food).
>Tonight we attended a lecture Bruce gave.  He made a terrific presentation
>of his research and the work we did in the field.  He feels that more
>important discoveries were made this year than in any previous year of his

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