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9 January, 2000

The Other Northern Lights

I arrived back in Fairbanks last night to find that the extreme temperatures of the previous week (-45 F) had moderated somewhat. You might say that the city was in the middle of a heat wave: the temperature soared to -5 F! There are several web sites that you can visit if you'd like to follow the fickle Fairbanks weather:

To see current conditions (updated hourly) check out: http://www.arcticwind.com/cgi-bin/wx_current.cgi?station=PAFA

If you are looking for some great polar (Arctic & Antarctic) weather links go to:


For classroom activities related to weather and climate El Nino, UV, etc.) connect with:


Martin (Dr. Jeffries) picked me up at the airport and asked me if I wanted to go to see the 8 P.M. fireworks display near the Geophysical Institute. I was surprised that the town would make such a fuss over my arrival (HA!), but then I discovered that the fireworks (see photos below) had actually been postponed from New Year's Eve due to cold temperatures. Happy New Year, everyone! Join me here in Fairbanks this week for updates on:

-our Lake Research (data that will run a chill down your spine),

-the Ice Thickness Competition (prizes, prizes, prizes!),

-practice with Alaskan longitude and latitude (or: "Name That Town") , and

-Aurora Borealis, a.k.a. the Northern Lights.

Saturday's "northern lights"

More millenium fireworks

Fairbanks ablaze!

Happy 2000 !!!

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