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31 March, 2000


Congratulations to Geoff M. of Coginchaug Regional High School in Durham, CT AND to Laura I. of Woodstock Academy in Woodstock, CT for their MST Lake ice thickness predictions! Both students have won a Poker Flat Research Range T shirt for their hard work & clever thinking! The actual mean ice thickness at MST was 74.5 centimeters. Both Geoff & Laura came within 10 cm!

The common approach to solving this puzzle was to determine the average ice thickness for each visit and to then extrapolate the thickness for March. Keep in mind that this competition was made more difficult by the fact that ice growth was dependent upon a VARIETY of environmental factors such as air temperature, snow cover, and surface flooding. NOTE: I still need correct responses for the Aurora QUIZ and the Lat & Long QUIZ from my January journal entries!! If you are up for a challenge, and would like to win a prize, check them out today!!

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