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11 December, 2000

Steve Meredith the Administrator for Metnet has made it easier to link to the Montana version of my Journal. The address is:

http://ANT.metnet.stat e.mt.us/HTM/Antarctica.shtml

Another great site especially for elementary and middle school age kids is:


The University of Chicago through their CARA or Center Astrophysical Research in Antarctica has a really good site as well that has images, "Cold Facts", Q and A, and activities and experiments to try:


One cool thing about the Ceremonial Pole is that you can take your self portrait in the silver globe. Strangely, many propel who visit the Pole only visit the Ceremonial Pole and never even walk the hundred feet to the true South Pole.

If you look carefully at the image of the Geographic Pole you will see the 1999 Pole location marked by a black stake. As the ice sheet moves over the Pole it takes everything on the ice with it. This is causing The Dome to move toward the Pole every year. Eventually the Dome will be over the Pole. Actually the Location of the Dome will be over the Pole. Since they are building a new station, it is rumored that the old Dome will be dismantled and sold.

Is there really more than one South Pole? The answer is yes. There are three! Three you might ask? Has Rick been out in the cold too long? How can there be three South Poles? This is actually very easy. One it the Magnetic South Pole, which is far closer to McMurdo than to the Geographic South Pole. Unfortunately I will not be visiting this Pole. The Magnetic Pole was first visited by members of Ernest Shackleton=92s Furthest South Expedition in the same season that he attempted his quest for the Geographic Pole in the early 1900's. What is the third South Pole? The Ceremonial South Pole which is about 100 feet from the current Geographical Pole. The Ceremonial Pole was established to recognize the original Antarctic Treaty Countries and provide Polar Visitors, tourists and DV (Distinguished Visitors) with a more colorful photo op in front of the Barber Pole and flags.

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