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24 December, 2000

We "Polies" celebrated our Christmas Dinner this evening. I was impressed by the attire of some of the folks. We had several "gentlemen" in tux and tails and quite a few of the ladies in formal attire as well. I wish I would have brought at least a tie to have looked a little more spiffy. I did wear a real button down shirt rather than the typical Pole attire of a long john top, so I wasn't too tacky. I was also amazed at the transformation of our Galley. It was sort of strange to see table cloths, cloth napkins and candles!

For the last day of school be for winter vacation my son's first grade glass has a Penguin Party in honor of Waddlesworth's adventure to the South Pole. The one detractor from my whole experience here in Antarctica is missing family and spending the Holiday season away from home. The folks here at the Pole have gone to great lengths to make everyone feel like part of a big family with a big Christmas dinner tonight, the "Race Around The World" tomorrow, and of course the "Gift Exchange" tomorrow evening. Even though it is technically Christmas, many other the projects are going to continue without much of a break since the time here is very limited. The schedule will be very reduced but I know that some work will need to be done, what ever the day.

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