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7 December, 2000

Science on the front lines! It sounds like we are in a battle. Well here at the South Pole we are, a battle with the elements and our instruments. Both the SPT and the FPH have been giving us frights for the last couple of days. We have the FPH's in the building and Von has taken everything apart to determine what parts work and what don't. He has pretty much determined that one of the three FPH's broken completely and that parts of the other two do work. We are all hopeful that he will be able to figure out where the bugs are so that we all will have data to collect. After dinner we are planning on aligning the SPT in the Heavy Equipment and Carpenters shops again. It looks like we should be able to do that since we are going to have some help from one of the Astronomers that is working in the Dark Sector.

The fact that we can get another scientist to help us is a testament to the nature of the research here at the Pole. Many of the projects are competing for the same research $$, but everyone helps each other here. Another real benefit for me as a teacher is to see the need for cooperation. No one can do it alone down here! One of the best places to see the cooperation and even camaraderie is in the Galley. There are forty-three different conversations going on, most about projects and ways to improve the research. I wish that schools were designed to stimulate this type of environment.

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