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17 August, 2000

Mad Panic

This is crazy! By bizarre luck I was at work today. School doesnít even start till next Wednesday. As I was leaving today at about 3PM I noticed that the voice mail message light was blinking on my classroom phone. I have the phone set not to ring during class, I didnít hear a ring. It was a very good thing to be at work and notice the message....Raytheon. It seems that the medical department has a question about the specifics of a past Cancer event. The medical office message said that they were doing the PQ tomorrow and that they needed that actual doctors reports and biopsy of my three surgeries by 5PM today in order to make the decision. My heart went absolutely sick. How in a couple of hours would I be able to get the forms? I called Billings Clinic and they said that it takes 48 to 72 hours to process a records request. When I explained the situation to Amy in medical records she said come on over and we can do it today! Super! By the time I got to the clinic, about 7 minutes form my school, this angel of medical records saved my bacon. Amy had already found and pulled my reports and was just starting to make copies for immediate faxing to Raytheon. Again, I was lucky that my daughter has a fax machine and I was able to get the required documents to the medical department before the 5PM deadline. Now I have to wait to find out if this past medical problem is going to sink my chance to go to the pole!

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