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12 December, 2003

No flights for us today.

Well at least for us. Once again we were not able to go to Mt. Kirkpatrick because it was covered in clouds and the pilots reported 50 mile per hour winds in the area. Dr. Hammer and Dr. Currie went on a recon mission with the Mountaineer, Peter Braddock, to scout out other possible sites where the Hanson formation is exposed. Since we were not able to work, I put together the pictures we will use for the real audio web-cast next week and cleaned some of the snowdrifts out from around our tents. We did have a bit of snow today but it was just a dusting. This is the first snow that has come from the sky and not from somewhere else during my time here.

It is now getting toward crunch time and we need some quality time on the mountain. Tom Messner, order us some good weather down here!



Some of the scientists here at Beardmore left today in a C130. They have accomplished their mission and are on their way to McMurdo for the trip back to the world.

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