14 November, 1997


Today was the first day that we have had to really go out and work. Joey Tsai and I spent the whole day setting out an 80 by 30 meter grid to survey. We are to survey the surface of the Dome that is near the science hut for sustrugi. A sustrugi is similar to a sand dune only made out of snow. Dr. Mary Albert is trying to find the wavelengths of the sustrugi to determine if they have any affect on the ice cores compacting beneath them.

The day turned out to be a nice day so staying outside was great. We were even able to work in lighter jackets than our heavy parkas. We spent all day out surveying and hoped for a nice day the next.

Siple Dome is a unique place in that you can see for ever. The ice that we place holes in reflects with a very pretty blue. The blue colors here are often mixed at night with a pink in the sky as the sun rolls around the horizon. It is hard to sleep here when it is so bright out at all times of the night. We travel out to the science hut by snowmobile and the ride gives one a chance to reflect on the history and the science being done here to unlock the history. I often think about what is under the dome and what we may see someday. I reflect on the ice streams that are moving and wonder how long it will be until Antarctic is no longer covered in ice. The ice streams are draining a section that is not being replenished yearly. These streams are also running into the Ross Ice Shield and McMurdo Sound, what will happen as the streams hit these places? There are so many unanswered questions that I wonder who out there will help solve or at least partially answer my questions? One last thought to ponder, when will Antarctica give up the body of Scott and his men? For those of you who donít know who Scott is, I suggest you look him up and maybe some of the other great Antarctic explorers. It is really worth your while.

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