18 November, 1997


Great day in Antarcica. This day was again spent surveying for sustrugi. The sky was

begining to show signs of high feathery cirrus clouds. They say that this is a warning that a storm is brewing on the ice. They usually have cirrus clouds before a large wind storm in the sky. So far there is no wind to speak of but then the night is a chance for it to start.

We watched an other Herc land from a different view point. We could see the snow on the run way coming up from the skis as it landed. It moves across the field with the back door dropping causing more snow to arise from the field. Then the cargo is dropped as the plane moves slowly kicking up snow as it goes. I have watched this twice now, besides riding on the plane while it happens, and it still fascinates me. The whole process of landing on the ice with skis and then unloading huge amounts of cargo is a wonder to be hold.

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