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The final NSF award (ESIE #9904860) to sponsor the TEA Program included funds for an external evaluation. The TEA staff learned a great deal from working with the evaluators. Where it was possible within the scope of the project, TEA staff worked to apply their recommendations and sought further solutions to challenges identified. The executive summaries for the formative and summative evaluations conducted between 1999 and 2004 are available below. Those wishing further information regarding the TEA Program's external evaluation should contact Dr. Maritza Macdonald at the American Museum of Natural History and Dr. David Silvernail at the University of Southern Maine.

Executive Summary 2000

Executive Summary 2001

Executive Summary 2002

Executive Summary 2003/2004 Summative Report

Prior to 1999 TEA collected some evaluation data internally, in an effort to learn about the experiences of the teachers and researchers involved in the project. This information was used by the TEA staff to inform the Program's subsequent field seasons.

TEA Evaluation 1992-1997

TEA Evaluation 1997/1998 Field Season

Researcher Evaluations 1997/1998 Field Season

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