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NSTA 2003

NSTA 2003

Post-it Notes from TEA Group Meeting

4:15 PM, Thursday March 27

Holiday Inn Historic District

Philadelphia , PA





Year 4 Activity

Transfer Workshop

Regional Workshops

Future of TEA

Leveraging of TEA



Annual Reports and Annual Mentoring Reports - Online!

NSTA abstracts due 4/15 (for 4/1 to 4/4 Atlanta, Georgia Convention)

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Ideas Generated at Meeting for Leveraging the Program:

-      Persist! Seek out local resources/help (E.g., team up with local universities, regional consortia, public utilities etc.)

-      Use archived web materials (journals) and have students E-mail those teachers

-      Develop WebQuests using the TEA web site (can be integrated with other subjects)

-      Keep web site current (have research team or graduate students submit journal entries)

-      Send students who have questions to new resources (so that they can find the answers)

-      Students can develop .plays. from journal entries

-      TEAs use each other as resources

-      Teachers should keep the researchers involved!