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The Teachers Experiencing Antarctica and the Arctic (TEA) Program's Real Audio Internet Broadcasts

TEALive is a joint project between the TEA program, the National Science Foundation, and Wisconsin Rapids Public Schools. The purpose of TEALive is to connect students and teachers in real time with teachers and researchers in the Arctic and Antarctic.

The TEALive server is located at Lincoln High School in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin. The science department and their students manage a REAL 7 server to provide audio and video streaming across the Internet. The server is capable of providing audio and video streams to 100 simultaneous users. This is the limit of our user license and the district's available bandwidth to the Internet.

TEA teachers in the field parcticipate in a conference call with a classroom in their home district. Students in that classroom are able to talk with the teacher directly and ask their questions directly to the teacher. Students parcticipating in the conference over the Internet are able to hear the teacher, the scientific researcher working with the teacher, the students, and the conference coordinator. The coordinator is able to receive email questions from students parcticipating using the Internet. The coordinator will ask the teacher the email questions for those students.

Each conference lasts approximately 40 minutes.

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