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TEA Annual Reports
TEA Annual Reports

All TEA teachers under the Program's final grant cycle were required to document the impact of their TEA experiences. Each year TEA parcticipants submitted annual reports to the site.
Notes About Online Form and Annual Reports

Annual Reports

Example of Annual Report Online Form

Annual Reports

What are Annual Reports?
Annual Reports are the yearly reports from each TEA of his/her activities throughout the year. They include presentations, attendance at meetings, creation of Web activities, funds acquired to support TEA activities, etc.

Why are the Annual Reports Important?
Annual Reports help demonstrate the impact of TEA. They show the involvement and investment of TEA community members and how your research experience is being shared. These reports help justify future funds for TEA.

What is the Online Submission Form?
The online submission form is a file that you create and edit that contains information about your activities for the year. They are available for the TEA community to view - however, they are password protected. You are the only one who can change the online report.

How do I use the template?
Log in with your individual login and password. Select either a new form or a previous form (if you have created one already). Add your report information and save it (hit the "create" button at the bottom of the form). When you select "create", the system stores your information for you. You can continue to edit / add to the template, or log off and return at a later time. When you return, request your template file and you can edit or add new information.

When you are ready for your form to be posted, send an e-mail to Steph. The file will be moved from the archive section of the TEA page to the public (TEAs Only) section of the Web site.

How Often Can I Post?
As often as you wish. Daily, quarterly, yearly...

When are Annual Reports due?
January 15th of each year for the first three years of your involvement with the TEA Program. Note that by submitting your form, you are ensuring your eligibility for attending TEA events for the following year.

Annual Reports for Individual TEA Teachers

Michele Lomano Adams

Peter Amati

Fred Atwood

Carole Bennett

Elke Bergholz

Sue Bowman

Myrtle Brijbasi

Colleen Brogenski

David Brown

Margaret Brumsted

Andy Caldwell

Betty Carvellas

April Cheuvront

Marietta Cleckley

Timothy Conner

Susan Cowles

Jennifer Kabo Curtis

Besse Dawson

Mary Ann DeMello

Susy Ellison

Elissa Elliott

Robin Ellwood

Ethan Forbes

Amie Foster

Jan French

Dena Gershon

Kim Giesting

Marvin Giesting

Shannon Graham

Kim Hanisch

Sharon Harris

Todd Hindman

Ron Hochstrasser

Jerri-Lynn Hollyfield

Joanna Hubbard

Louise Huffman

Paul Jones

Richard Jones

Tina King

Susan Klinkhammer

Cathi Koehler

Sandra Kolb

Kolene Krysl

Michael Lampert

Terry Lashley

Kevin Lavigne

Karina Leppik

Lars Long

Scott McComb

Eric Muhs

Dora Nelson

John Nevins

George Palo

Jean Pennycook (Roberts)

Jason Petula

William Philips

Lawrence Reynolds

Catherine Roberts

James Rogers

Janice Rosenberg

Dena Rosenberger

Juanita Ryan

Andy Sajor

James Schauer

Barbara Schulz

Sandy Shutey

Wendy Slijk

Valerie Sloane

Bruce Smith

Steven Stevenoski

Kathie Stevens

Amy Stoyles

William Swanson

Glenn Swanzig

Rolf Tremblay

Dallas Trople

Betty Trummel

Hillary Tulley

Timothy Vermaat

Mimi Wallace

Mike Weiss

Andre Wille

Linda Wygoda

Betsy Youngman

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