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24 January, 2000

Hi everyone!

Things are certainly winding down here at Palmer Station. The mood around "town" (as the locals call it) is shut it down, and pack it

up. As I listened to the back-up beep from a fork-lift on my way to the BioLab, this was my wakeup call that things were winding down. It takes a couple of days to undress a lab filled with every known imaginable piece of glassware, big chucky pieces of electronic equipment and scientific instruments. Everything to be shipped on

the boat must be boxed and labeled by the logistics team, Ken "Cheech" Navarro and Chris Denker. I didn't have that much equipment to pack up, but it took a considerate part of the morning to

catalogue and pack up my collection.

Cheech and Chris were very accommodating. I bent their ear a number of times to make sure I was following procedure. This is my one shot at collecting artifacts from Antarctica, and I don't want to miss out due to a technicality. I am still waiting on my permit from NSF. It

is due to arrive by fax any day now.

I snapped a picture of ASA employee, Alana Jones, as she was busy moving crates of science ware with a forklift. She told me, "Thanks, my mom will love that picture!" I continue to be impressed by the ASA employees and their eagerness to make science happen.

I sent another "electronic packet" of "Adopt a Penguin" out to a school in California today! That makes 4 schools conducting research on the foraging patterns of adelie penguins. When I told Bill Fraser about the response from schools, I think he was geniunely shocked!.

He didn't realize that penguin research would have so much appeal to them!

Charles Petit gave a humorous talk this evening about his career as a science writer. As I mentioned earlier he is currently writing for U.S. New and World Report. He has made quite a presence at the station with his personableness and humor. I have watched him every day for the past few weeks as he dialogues with and questions scientists. He works very diligently to get accurate information.

Well folks, I am really tired tonight, so I will call it quits for now. Until tomorrow!



Charles Petit at a penguin rookery on Humble Island.

Alana Jones, operating a fork-lift.

Chris Denker and Cheech Navarro, Palmer's logistics team.

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