28 November, 1996

We left for McMurdo at 8:30 this morning. Held our breath until the turn around point, but didn't so arrived in McMurdo about 8 hours later. Checked into our dorm rooms after a briefing session on McMurdo. My dormitory is nicknamed "Hotel California". The flight

down was long, crowded and a bit uncomfortable, but we were all glad to get here. Went to dinner in the cafeteria, everyone we have met complains about the McMurdo food. We had spaghetti, I was too tired and hungry to really evaluate it. Under the snow and ice here, the ground is a dark black color. Reminds me of coal fields or strip

mines in the snow, from when i lived in Kentucky. We visited the library and computer lab after dinner. My accomodations here were ok, a typical dorm environment. I am lucky to have only one roomate, Shaima. The guys have 4 to a room. It is crowded.

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