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3 January, 2003

Arrivals and Departures

Date: 1/3/03

Latitude: 90 S

Longitude: 0 W

Time of Observations: 12:00 PM local time

Temperature: -26C / -14.8 F

Wind speed: 3 knots

Wind Chill: -31.5 C/ -24.8 F

Wind direction: Southerly

Meters of ice collected: 890 m

Today Paul, Carl, Dan and Susan, accompanied by videographer Mark Sturm, departed for a 200 km round trip traverse in the direction of the Pole of Inaccessibility (the most remote site in Antarctica from the coast). We plan to collect a 15m ice core that will be used as a pilot study for the next phase of US ITASE which we hope will start in 2 years.

Before we left we received the following message. We would like to share it with you.

Message from Dr. Julie Palais (Glaciology Program Manager, Office of Polar Programs, National Science Foundation) to Dr. Paul Andrew Mayewski (Leader of ITASE). The message is partially borrowed from a message sent to Major Havola (Leader of Byrd-Pole Task Group 43.3) upon his arrival at South Pole 11 January 1961 by Admiral Tyree.

Was pleased and proud to receive the report of your safe arrival at the South Pole. I wish I could have had the privilege of greeting you at the end of your long historic trek in which you blazed a new and important trail across the Antarctic ice and snow. This marks too the first American party in over forty years to reach the Pole by ground travel. You and your men and women are to be congratulated for the outstanding manner in which you conducted your science. The skill and efficiency with which you conducted the hazardous operation is a matter of great pride to the entire United States Antarctic Program. Well done to you and your splendid crew.

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