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12 December, 2002

Goodbye Site1

Date: 12/12/02

Latitude: 82=B0 00' 03.59" S

Longitude: 110=B0 00' 29.59" W

Time of Observations: 9 PM local time

Temperature: -20 C/ -4 F

Wind speed: 5 knots

Wind Chill: -27 C/ -16 F

Wind direction: Northerly

Meters of ice collected: 189 m (2 3-inch)

By Dan Dixon

Today we finished up the remaining science experiments at Site1, re-packed all the sleds, prepared the trains, and set off for Site 2. The sky is clearing and the remaining thin clouds look beautiful as the sun shines through and creates a multitude of rainbows. As the clouds thin on the horizon, it is just possible to make out the faint outline of the Whitmore Mountains in the distance. By the time we reach Site 2 we will be within 40 km of the mountains - this should make for a refreshing change of scenery. It will be another long haul to Site 2 (177 km), but significantly less than the Byrd to Site1 trip. We are expecting to be 'on the road' for at least 24 hours.

As usual, we will take six-hour shifts for the driving, and also run GPS, shallow radar, and deep radar for the whole 177 km. It's going to be another bumpy ride!

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