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9 December, 2002

Site 1

Date: 12/09/02

Latitude: 82 00' 03.59" S

Longitude: 110 00' 29.59" W

Time of Observations: 10 PM local time

Temperature: -12C/ 10F

Wind speed: 10 knots

Wind Chill: -20C/-4F

Wind direction : Northerly

Meters of ice collected: 71m

By Dan Dixon

After driving for 52 solid hours we arrived at site 1. The weather was lovely for most of the journey, but it turned nasty for the last 30 km. The soft snow conditions are extensive in this entire area of West Antarctica making travel more difficult and time consuming than usual. It has been a long haul for all of us, between the driving, deep radar, shallow radar, GPS, snow sampling, and cooking, we are all very tired. We will not know whether this site is suitable for our scientific studies until we analyze the shallow radar profiles from the last 50 km of the trip. The shallow radar profiles highlight the internal layers in the top 50-100 m of the ice sheet. By studying these we can ensure that we pick the best possible locations for our ice core and mass balance sites. Right now we are all glad to be stationary. After a few hours of sleep we will be ready to make a decision.

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