10 October, 1998

Another bad weather day. Once again no flights can get here from New Zealand. The bad weather does not bother me just those that are trying to get out of Antarctica and on their way home. I am stuck inside completing all of my lab work for the research Iam conducting so bad weather just makes me feel better about being inside.

There really is not anything new to report because all I am doing once again is exracting blood from the fish and injecting thyroid hormones into them.

I cannot tell much yet about the effect, if any, of the hormone on the fish. I will have to wait and compare all of the data at the end of the project. I am sorry I have nothing new to report. If you tune in tomorrow I should have a lot of exciting new material. I am supposed to be going to an area where we shuld run into some penguins. Bye for now.

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