18 October, 1998

Once again it was a beautiful day. It was a little colder today. It only got into the low 20's today but the sun shined all day. Unfortunately, I was not able to enjoy. I had to work in the lab all day running my experiment. I injected the hormones into the fish and extracted blood from them. This morning I analyzed the blood I extracted yesterday to determine the ion concentration of the blood. This will give me a set of data to compare my results with at the conclusion of the experiment.

I saw some very unusual dress today. It is supposed to be Spring in Antarctica almost Summer. Today I saw several people wearing shorts and open-toed sandals. I also saw a woman wearing a halter top. Now I would not push the summer thing that far. It is still very cold outside. It did add a little amusement to the day.

Well it is very late and I do not have much to add to the journal so I am going to close out the day. Maybe more tomorrow.

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