20 October, 1998

I am going to try and submit this journal entry one more time.

This is my third trial at dpoing this. For some reason it just is not getting sent out. I am writing it almost a week later but that is OK because the whole day was spent in the lab. I am finding out how important those days are though.

I am really beginning to feel the effects of being out in the field and then trying to catch up on everything back here. The field work and lab work are equally important. Obviously one cannot exist without the other. The days are so short though when you have to fit both in and the rigours of field are very tiring. Days like today when you spend the day in the lab are important to build back up your stamina besides I enjoy the lab work as well. Some people find the lab work boring but I have the right mix with lab and field work so it is actually very stimulating. There just is not much to write about. Well keep reading and there will surely be more adventures. I know whether or not there were because I am writng this after the fact but I will not give away the secrets. Bye.

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