8 October, 1998

Today was much like yesterday. The morning began with a snowmobile trip to the fishing huts. Dr. Petzel and I spent the morning fishing again. We pulled up the fish traps at both huts and found a few fish but still not enough for all of us to begin our reseach. While we were fishing we had another visit by the seal. This time all it did was swim by the hole. It never bothered with us this time. I think after he go a good look at me he decided to stay away. I have not shaved since arriving here so I am probably a pretty scary sight

I had two good lessons taught to me yesterday. The first lesson is that you never assume that someone has gassed up the snowmobile. I used one of the other researcher's snowmobiles because one of ours was having difficulties. On the way back from Armitage Cove, where one of our fishing huts is located, I was zipping along enjoying the ride when the snowmobile told me that it does not run on air and came to a dead stop. Needless to say I was very embarrassed because I had just gone to class on using the snowmobiles. The second lesson was on danger on the ice. Walking on the sea ice is very dangerous because you have to watch for cracks in the ice which is hidden under snow. There are telltale signs to watchout for that will let you know there is a crack there. When I parked my snowmobile with all of the others I started walking toward the shore not paying any attention where I was walking. I stepped on a crack that was big enough for my leg to sink down nearly 3 feet. I could not have fallen.

After lunch I worked in the labs analyzing samples taken from fish fluids. I was using a device called an osmometer. It measures the concentration of salt in the fluids. I also tested the samples for the levels of chloride ions using a device called a chloridometer. That pretty much took the rest of the day.

I cannot believe that I have been here 4 days. I seems like a longer time because I have done so much. At the same time it is surprising that I have been gone form Kentucky for nearly two weeks. I have lost all sense of time. I think the long days have caused this. There is no real night and day just sleep periods.

Well I have come to the end of another day so I will close this journal for now.

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