2 November, 1998

The end is near. Tomorrow I have to do what is called bag drag. This is where I go check in with the people coordinating plane departures. My baggage and my weight have to be determined in accordance with military regulations. Even though I am not leaving until Thursday about 1 pm I have to put on the cold weather gear and check in for departure. I have to fly out wearing the cold weather gear. This is in case there is an emergency landing out over Antarctica someplace.

Today was unusual. There was not much for me to do except pack up my things. It is kind of sad. I have met so many people. I have not met one person I did not like. Everyone here has been so friendly. The food even still tastes good. There have been some meals I have not enjoyed but that is probably because I am getting used to the food.

I am a jumbled up mess of emotions right now. I would like to stay longer to continue the research since everything did not go as well as it probably should and it is hard to leave this place. At the same time I really want to be back with my students and family. I miss my wife and parents and am anxious to see them. There is one other thing that I realized I missed, football. I have not been able to go see a team play or watch a team play. At home I really do not get that interested in football but for some strange reason I want to watch a football game.

The weather here has been sunny but cold. The zipper on my cold weather parka has broken. I am tired. I think the best thing is that the weather stay clear so that I can leave on time. I will have one more mini trip out in the field tomorrow so I will end the visit here on a high note.

I will keep everyone informed up to the time I leave for the U.S. so until tomorrow that is all I have.

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