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Miriam Sutton - Newport Middle School (Newport, NC)
Research Experience: Geohazards and constraints to offshore development, Labrador continental margin. Study of the seafloor and shallow subseafloor off the Labrador Shelf and Slope
Research Objectives: Investigate the near surface geology of offshore potential development areas in order to provide advice to industry and regulators on regional issues of offshore geohazards, environment, and constraints to development. The area of investigation will span from the offshore waters north of Newfoundland to the Labrador margin, potentially going as far north as 59 or 60 degrees Latitude, in water depths ranging from 100 m to 2500 m. Principal tools for these investigations will include seismic reflection geophysics, bottom photography and bottom sampling with shallow sediment cores.
Research funded by: Natural Resources Canada
Host Researchers: David Mosher, Gary Sonnichsen, and Calvin Campbell - Natural Resources Canada
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