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Popcorn Neutrino Lab

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A good introduction to the polar science related to this activity can be found in the journals of two TEAs, Jason Petula and Eric Muhs. ../../tea_petulafrontpage.html ../../tea_muhsfrontpage.html

The Antarctic Muon and Neutrino Detector Array (AMANDA) was a prototype telescope constructed at the South Pole. Further information about AMANDA can be found at: http://amanda.uci.edu

The AMANDA experiment proved successful as a proof of concept design. A larger neutrino telescope is currently under construction at the South Pole. This new telescope is called ICECUBE. Further information about ICECUBE can be found at: http://icecube.wisc.edu

An experiment that works in coincidence with ICECUBE is ICETOP. It is designed to detect muons generated in upper atmospheric showers. Further information about ICETOP can be found at: http://www.bartol.udel.edu/icetop

Resources and Reference Materials
Close, F. (1988). The Cosmic Onion. (5th ed.). American Institute of Physics: New York, NY.

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data | hook | main | background & resources | student