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11 August, 2001

The Calm Before the Storm

No, not the weather-it has been gorgeous.

We are about to begin a whirlwind of dredging. Our operations will include dredging 24 hours a day, which means bringing up thousands of rocks. We prepared by enjoying a bit of fun tonight because starting tomorrow, there will be little time for it.

Since it is Saturday, it is "Morale Day". This is a day that the crew sets aside for a bit of fun. Tonight, the helicopter pilots and mechanics made pizza for everyone, and then we played BINGO afterwards. Out of the 4 games we played, I won twice-a hat and a box of fabric softener sheets. People were throwing things at me because I was too lucky.

It is now time to get some rest, as my 5:30am to 5:30pm shift 7 days a week is exhausting me. And the past two weeks have only been the tip of the iceberg!


Latitude: 83 19 N

Longitude: 03 45 W

Air temperature: 31 F

Water temperature 29 F

Bingo night! The Healy's Captain Visneski tries his luck next to me. It turns out that I faired better than anyone. <>

The aviators make chow. Lyn, John, and Rich cooked in their shades because their pizza was blindingly good. <>

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