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2 August, 2001

Feeling Better

Today the seas are much calmer and everyone has been feeling better. The Coast Guard told us that yesterday was the worst that the Healy had seen. We all hope that the calm seas stay with us.

Today was also a day to practice safety. We had drills for "man overboard" and "abandon ship". Hopefully we will not have to use either on our journey.

The scientists spent most of the day setting up their equipment. They each sent everything that they would need to the Healy before she left Seattle, WA back in May, so it's been waiting for them. There are chemists, biologists, geologists, ecologists, and oceanographers aboard. They each have different objectives to achieve on the mission. I will introduce you later to the scientists and their jobs...

Kevin, Kirsten, and Kyla set up equipent in the lab on the Healy.

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