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1 August, 2001

Rough Seas

Well our wish didn't come true. After we hit the open waters last night, most of us hit the rack (bed). Shortly afterwards, the Healy hit some very rough waters. It was quite a shock because we were told that it would be a smooth ride yesterday. Today we are being told that the Healy is taking a pounding, and almost every scientists and a majority of the Coast Guard personnel are ill. This may last up to 3 days until we meet the edge of the ice-the boundary between the frozen and unfrozen surface of the Arctic Ocean.

I haven't had any success yet in retrieving e-mails that are being sent to me. If you have e-mailed me though the TEA website and haven't received a response, please be patient. We are hoping to get things straightened out soon. We may obtain communication time through a NASA satellite. It's important to remember that we are extremely high latitude, and there are few satellites that serve this deserted part of the world.

Rough seas is an understatement! Here a wave crashes over the bow of the ship.

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