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11 December, 1999

Saturday December 11, 1999,

I slept well, but my room was at least 85oF even with the window wide open. I could hardly breath. Although maybe I just didn't feel well. In any case, I got up at 0530 and went to breakfast. I talked with a lot of the air force guys, many of whom were leaving today for home. I had to be at the post office just at 0700 hours. Two of the guys from Lake Hoare asked me to mail Xmas packages for them. They said they had to go out today, no they won't make it in time for Xmas, but after today the only way packages will leave the continent will be on the Green Wave. This is the cargo ship that will arrive in late January, that means those packages won't reach the states until the end of March. Done. That was a load off my mind. I just did not want to disappoint Thomas and Ethan they are too nice.

I returned to my dorm and noticed the "elephant walk", the phrase given to the movement of the ice runway buildings, had begun. You could see the heavy equipment up front and then at the end of a tow cable a building. It really looked strange from my vantage point 3+ miles away. This process had begun in the early morning and would take most of the day.

I checked my email and had over 60 to read. I didn't feel well so went back to bed. I woke up at 1330 hour, still feeling poorly, but felt I must read my mail. I had several from Darcy and the rest were from assorted people and schools. I spent the better part of the afternoon answering the emails, especially questions that were asked. Finally about 1800 hours I really felt bad and went back to bed. I guess, I hope that it is only my need of some sleep and not some type of malady. I have too much to do. I woke up at 2330 and feel some better, but must complete this journal.

Hopefully I will feel better tomorrow for I must go and get all my permits in order, so that I can bring some of the specimens I collected back to the states.


Penguin Pete the Polar Man

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