14 October, 1998

Today it was back in the lab- after the wonderful sights yesterday, anything would have seemed less exciting. I tested two additional insulin doses and also injected a glucose solution, followed by blood sampling every four hours. Tomorrow I will be measuring the glucose concentration and osmolarity (ion concentration) of the blood samples looking for some trend. We also moved our fish huts today, re-baited the traps and got the snowmobiles ready for a trip to Cape Bird later this week. I spent some time this evening reading a book called "Two Huts In The Antarctic" by L.B. Quartermain, 1963. There is so much history surrounding this area- it is fascinating to read about. The top floor of the Crary Science Building houses a lounge/library with many resources for the scientists working here- I just need more hours in a day to do everything I would like to.

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