15 October, 1998

We are expecting a storm today, so must stay near the base. We had thought we would go fishing but put it off until after dinner. During the morning and afternoon, I worked on my insulin study. The results of my last two doses seem promising so I'll be injecting additional fish to check the reliability. I also wanted to test the affect of the drug Streptozotocin over one day, so I injected the same two original doses, bled the fish every 4 hours, and will check the osmolarity and glucose concentration later. After dinner we headed over to Hut Point on skidoos and attempted to drill fish holes without very much success. The "jiffy" drill was being temperamental, and once we did get it going the ice was thick enough that we couldn't reach the water- so no fishing tonight! We did see a seal hole and the weather was nice, so a little outing felt good anyway. I decided that I needed a little exercise, so went to the workout building and spent some time on a stair climber and treadmill. We all work long enough hours that we feel tired at the end of the day and it's easy to ignore the fact that we are not getting much physical exercise. I felt much better- and spent some time reading a Readers Digest book about Antarctica- it's an excellent, comprehensive volume.

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