16 October, 1998

Another fishing trip today- this time to Cape Evans Hut. Dr. Petzel gave us all information about the Hut, it was fascinating. The hut has been restored so that you feel as if you are seeing it the way the original explorers did (from 1910-1917). The hut had bunks for the men, a kitchen area, dark room, science areas, and a pony stable connected. They had stored seal skins which were still there, and a penguin they were studying still lay on the table. There was a health care area as well, with medicines in their original packages. Having the opportunity to see the historic huts has made me want to learn more about the various explorers! In addition to an interesting visit to the hut, the fishing was good! We had better luck keeping the fish oxygenated with our new system, and the "jiffy" drill behaved better today too, so overall it was a terrific day.

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