22 October, 1998

Another interesting and productive day- I guess you can never have too many of those. We needed to meet the drill rig and driver at Cape Evans by 10:00 am., so spent the morning getting gas and fueling the skidoos. I also had a telephone interview with Carolyn Johnson at Nebraska Public Radio. She was interested in the research we are doing here and life at McMurdo. The hut was moved and we drilled two holes this time. One hole is for fishing with the hut placed over it and the other is a safety hole for divers who may be using our hut. We then fished for a bit, and ate our freeze-dried meals (they really aren't too bad!) We also drove to Cape Royds, where Shackleton, another Antarctic explorer built a hut. This hut was well restored and again it was interesting to see how they lived. Due to the dry and cold conditions , things are amazingly well preserved. On the way home we were able to stop and see a glacier ice cave. The ice crystals inside were indescribably beautiful- it seemed like they should be fake they were so large and perfectly hexagonal in shape. The cave walls were a deep turquoise blue with many interesting nooks and crannies and large stalactites hung from the ceiling of the cave.

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