23 October, 1998

Today I arranged my flights home. I should be leaving McMurdo on Monday, October 26th. The next day I fly from Christchurch New Zealand to Auckland NZ and then take an international flight to Los Angeles. Because I will cross the International Dateline, it will still be Tuesday, October 27th when I make it back to Omaha, Nebraska, although after all those plane rides it will probably feel like at least Friday!! I am looking forward to being home for Halloween, I get a kick out of the "trick-or-treaters". We took skidoos back to Cape Evans where our newly placed fish hut is. The research on hormones is going to require many more fish, so it was imperative that we catch some today. The fish cooperated beautifully- we caught almost 50!! I also spent some time bleeding fish to check blood glucose and osmolarity after one day and two days for the various treatment groups. The rest of the day was spent answering email questions and doing wash. Catching fish can be a messy occupation, at least the way I fish- I didn't want to risk offending the other diners at the Galley.

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