27 October, 1998

Another early day- I arrived at the lab to prepare for the experiments at 7:00 am and called about the flight at 7:30- they had no information yet so we started bleeding and injecting fish. Twelve fish were bled and injected with glucose, and in three hrs we will bleed again and inject 6 with a saline vehicle and 6 with insulin. Every three hrs, they will be bled and we will look at the serum osmolarity (ion concentration) and glucose levels. A message was delivered to report for my flight at 10:30 am so I quickly packed my tissue and serum samples into a dry shipper (carrying case to keep samples cold) and hustled over. There was yet another delay so I was to report back in 1 hr. While everyone was busy working I tried to help out by doing dishes- it also helped me not get so nervous. I hadn't felt anxious to leave until now. As it got closer to actually going, I was ready to get home and see my family! At 11:30 as I arrived they hurried me to a shuttle and off we went to the airport! I guess we are really going this time!

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