26 October, 1998

After arriving early to finish organizing my carry on luggage and cold weather gear I called and found out that the flight had been canceled because the C-131 had broken down and there were no parts in New Zealand. It was possible that we would bag drag later that day, so I stayed around the lab and ran tests on the serum samples I had taken the day before as well as planned with the researchers who were staying longer. Later that evening I was called to bag drag- which means that I needed to keep clothes for the next day in case the plane didn't take off, so again another round of trying to get organized. We were told that we may go tomorrow, but it will be a Hercules or C-130 which means a longer flight 8-9 hrs!! The time of departure was up in the air at this point so I plan to call everys so often and check in. My boss felt like I probably wouldn't be leaving until Wednesday so we planned another experiment for the next day, and then we all walked up to the top of Observation Hill. Ob hill is close to McMurdo and is high enough to get a terrific view of the base and surrounding area. It was extremely cold but still an enjoyable outing.

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