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25 November, 2001


Sat. -6 C, +24 F - with wind chill -20 C, -4 F

Sun. -7 C +19 F - with wind chill -19 C -2 F

Sunday is a day off for most people who work here at McMurdo. You may wonder what people do at such a remote place with their free time. Well, here at McMurdo we are lucky. There's lots to do. There's movies showing at the coffee house, volleyball and other games at the gym, and science lectures. Many people went on a day trip to the ice caves (something I hope to do next Sunday). There is an aerobics room here with step machines, tredmills, cross-country ski machines, and other machines as well. Other people went on hikes to various nearby locations. Some went to the nearby Kiwi Camp to shop in their store. Our store was open for awhile if you wanted to shop there. there is also a chapel here with different services during the day. There are also two bars here. Then, we have 24 hour access to computers, so many people spend time checking email and other computer related work. All dorms have a lounge with a TV and some people have TVs in their rooms. It is very e! asy to fill up a day here at McM


Tomorrow, my team will meet in our lab at 8AM (or 0800 hours as they say here) to begin our work for the day.

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