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24 November, 2001

Today we celebrate Thanksgiving, so we had a light work schedule. We went back to the ice hole for a few more sea water samples. The samples yesterday were of the sediments at the bottom. Yes, the divers yesterday went down to the very bottom to collect soil and sediments from the ocean floor. The ice at this hole is about 115 feet thick! That's why they had to drill a hole in the ice. Today, we didn't need the divers. A special instrument was lowered into the water through the hole and water samples were collected that way. I thought you might be interested in who I'm working with down here, so I've included their pictures below.

Question of the day?

We are told not to wear cotton clothing when going out on the ice. Can anyone tell me why?

Don't forget the waste management contest!

Sally Moorehead(left) and Kristi Jones

Steve Sweet

Andrew Klein

Guy Denoux(the one in the middle with no coat on)

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