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1 December, 2001

Temp. -3 C, +30 F

with wind chill: -5 C, +23 F

This morning, we sampled another ice hole and took sediment and water samples. We have now moved to another area called Winter Quarters Bay. It is a more contaminated area and the samples collected have oily residues and the water as it appears through the ice hole is not as clear as previous areas. The sediment samples will be tested for chemical compounds that indicate pollution. The water samples will also be tested for substances and conditions that indicate pollution. Some of the more famous contaminants are TCB's(polychlorinated biphenyls)and TPH(total petroleum hydrocarbons). These samples will also be tested for coliform bacteria, toxcity, pigments and trace metals to name a few.

later in the day, we went on a trip to the ice caves, one of the "tourist attractions" here. They were beautiful and fascinating. We also visited Scott's Hut, built in 1911 a Britian named Robert Scott who was trying to be the first person to get to the South pole. He lost to a Norwegian named Amundsen. Scott died in his attempt and this hut remains as a monument to his efforts.

the ice caves

Inside the ice caves

On top of the hill near Scott's Hut. There is a cross on the hill in memory of Scott's expedition from this hut.

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