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3 December, 2001

12/2/01 Temp: +2 C, +36 F with wind chill: -5 C, +23 F

12/3/01 Temp: -2 C, +28 F no wind chill today!

Today was another day of marine sampling. We did 2 ice holes today, so we were quite busy.

I want to take the opportunity today to answer some questions from a very special group of students. A second grade class from Rose Ave Elementary School in Washington Court House Ohio. Their teacher is Ms. Garland. The students ask: Is it hard to walk, move with all your ECW gear on? The answer is yes! But, keeping warm is more important. When we have been working on the ice, taking samples, we do it in a hut set up over the ice hole. The hut has heat, so that while we work, we can take off some of our gear and work more comfortably. There are others however on other teams that work outside and must keep on all their gear. I don't know how they manage!

The students also ask: Are you afraid down there because of all the harsh conditions. The answer is no because we are trained on how to work on the ice. Our first days in Antarctica were for training. I had to go to Sea Ice School where I learned the do's and dont's. The ECW gear is also very good and keeps us warm. One of the rules is if you go away from McMurdo, not only must you check out with operations, but you must also take extra ECW gear in case you are stranded or get hurt. They really have a good system for keeping everyone safe.

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