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5 December, 2001

Temp: tues. +3 C, +37 F With wind chill -8 C, +18F

Wed. -2 C, +28 F with wind chill -11 C, +13 F

Today, the team split up. Steve and Andrew did some more terrestrial samples. Sally, Khristi, Guy and myself, went to 2 more ice holes to take water and sediment samples.

A view of McMurdo. We will be taking more than 250 samples from areas in and around McMurdo Station. We are trying to assess the impact of human operations at the station.

Another view of McMurdo Station. located on Ross Island in the Ross sea. Marine samples are being taken from 15 sites near the station. To date, we have sampled 10 of the 15 ice holes.

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