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27 November, 2001

Nov 27th- Scott Base

Today Maggie and I went to visit Scott Base. This is a New Zealand base located about two miles from McMurdo. We went to the store there, and I got lots of great souvenirs. I also took a walk around some pressure ridges located on the sea ice in front of the base. This is a route that is flagged so that people will stay on the safe path. It was really neat!

This is going to be a short journal today. I will have an interesting story to tell you tomorrow. I'm going somewhere really cold. Stay tuned!

The pictures of the ice caves are courtesy of Ted Voigt. This is a view from inside a cave looking out.

Ice crystals in the cave

Look at how beautiful the inside of this cave is!

A view of Scott Base from the sea ice. Notice the pressure ridges in front. These are big chunks of ice the have been squeezed upward by the pressure of the sea ice.

Th flagged route among the pressure ridges out on the sea ice

A New Zealand geophysicist hard at work

A close-up of a pressure ridge

Here's a picture of me

Maggie waiting for the shuttle back to McMurdo

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