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4 July, 2001


Happy 4th of July!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We had the day off today so we all slept in!!!

Stayed around the lab doing some catch up work and separating roots etc. Three of us, Michelle, Lety and I, went into town to see what was happening and as luck would have it we found a large group from the community gathered at the festival area. Besides fireworks there were food booths and a running event happening all to celebrate the 4th of July. The course was 2xs around town with the finish line at the festival grounds. As the runners came into the grounds they were met with cheers and a warm drink, it is cold and windy today. Weather changes up here fast, yesterday I had a long sleeve shirt on and was fine, today it's back to fleece and a jacket.

The main event was the baby contest going on. There were five toddlers dressed up in native clothes, competing for the chance to go to Fairbanks to compete in the Eskimo Olympics later this year. All five were outfitted in furs and skins and were the cutest little people imaginable. The winner was selected but even the announcer kept saying that all the scores were so close; picking a winner must have been hard for the judges.

Like everyone else in the US (yes we are in the United States!) tonight after dinner we plan to go down to the beach and set off some fireworks. They might not be as visible in the sun light but it's the thought that counts.

The five mini contestants in the pagent this afternoon. Each toddler was dressed in clothes made of fur and skins. I don't think any of them knew how beautiful they were.

What a difference a month makes. There really is an ocean out there. The local people had their boats out today scouting and hunting for seal and walrus.

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